La Bottega dell’Arte • Scuola di Couture Valentino

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Six Italian students from the most prestigious fashion schools, have been part of a special Valentino project: ‘La Bottega dell’Arte’- Scuola di Couture Valentino. They have studied the basic Haute Couture techniques, while being assisted by former atelier seamstresses. Keeping craftsmanship alive! Bravo Valentino!

Alber Elbaz • Parsons School of Design

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Alber Elbaz at Parsons

I had the honour to attend the Alber Elbaz Talk yesterday at Parsons School of Design in New York. My first reaction by seeing him on stage was just to give him a hug. He is such a wonderfully warm and lovable person. His talk was so openhearted and vulnerable, it started with him unpacking a big bag filled with tissues and candy for the audience. The tissues “just in case” and the candy because sugar makes you happy.

Alber has a way of talking from his heart and I felt like I was in kindergarden being explained the very basics about shapes. Everything just fell into place, we just need more love in our industry. (And more people like Alber in general!)

He even quoted Christopher Walken in Catch Me If You Can:
“Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn’t quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out.”

Our industry is the second mouse right now, not sure what were doing but we’ll get there again. Something is happening in the Fashion Industry at the moment and instead of being sad about it he said: change is good. We are now talking about it, before everybody was silent. We are now posing question we didn’t ask before; Why is everybody in Fashion so unhappy?

At 00:12:00 he starts his talk.

Also watch his Vogue Talk we posted in November, here

Raf SIMONS • T magazine

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we love raf

TEYM • The perfect parka

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TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka

Campaign shot by Olya Oleinic

My dear friend Maxime Cartens took the jump. Last year she decided to start her own label, TEYM. She started of with the hardest thing there is: Creating the perfect parka. We live in Amsterdam, the city of bikes and lots of rainy days. Every winter Maxime searched for a perfect parka to protect her from rain, snow, cold and that you can wear easily on your bike, and that made you look fashionable and hot! Not an easy quest, she discovered. So she decided to invent one herself. It had to be timeless, for everyone, fashionable and functional. She often tested her samples by biking to my house through every possible weather and we would adjust the pattern every time she came along. She found an amazing satin fabric from Italy that makes the parka look very chic and luxurious. The fabric is water-repellant and the coat is ultra lightweight. Boy oh boy, the result is amazing! She designed one for men and one for women. The TEYM mens parka is executed in 3 colors. Dark green, dark navy and camel (GOLD!!!). The women’s in the same colors plus a candy pink color! You gotta love it! I immediately bought the green one, can’t wait for the temperature to drop, and that’s a first!

Last weekend she opened her showroom in the city centre of Amsterdam. A beautiful space and her studio/office is in the back, so she’s always there herself as well which I think is so good and personal. The webshop is online since the first of September and it looks beautiful! I’d say, have a look, and don’t hesitate anymore. This is your perfect winter coat that you will enjoy for years to come.

What’s the next step I asked her: “Well, first I hope I can sell all of these beautiful parka’s! But there are some idea’s for the next perfect items. A summer version, a denim suit… who knows. But more TEYM is to come!”  One thing’s for sure; WE CAN’T WAIT!

TEYM studio & showroom

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 256-1
1012 RS, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Thursday 11:00 – 21:00
Friday / Saturday 11:00 – 17:00


TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka

Filippa K • Sustainability

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Film • Filippa K

As some of you might know I work for the Swedish brand Filippa K. For years we’ve been working on sustainability and this is one of the core visions of this company. And now, at last, we talk about it. Because Filippa K is making huge steps in realizing fashion for a better world. And I am truly so proud to be a part of it. As our CEO and Sustainability manager describe in this short film, Filippa K wants to stay relevant and beautiful. “We believe it needs to be personal, simple and long lasting. That’s why our business idea is to offer long lasting fashion based on our core values; style, simplicity and quality”. This is a phrase we use daily in our day to day work. Almost like a religion.

I want to share this because I want to share and show that fashion can be sustainable “and fashion” at the same time. There are so many options to choose for something better. Last month we launched the “front runners”. Three styles that are, in material as well as in design, 100% sustainable. A jersey shirt, top and dress made of 100% renewable and natural Tencel fibres. Read more about these items here: Filippa K Front Runners

Filippa K Front runners sustainability

Now that is already amazing. Try this: Filippa K started a Lease program. “A way to sustainable consumption” it’s called. For special occasions such as parties, dinners, job interviews, we want to feel and look extra special, so we often buy a garment that will serve most of it’s life time as a wardrobe warmer, taking space from the everyday pieces that you really use. Renting an outfit for that occasion, instead of buying, could be a way of keeping your wardrobe updated and filled with things you really need and use. At the same time you save both money and the world’s limited resources. Every season Filippa K expands the leasing wardrobe by selecting new wardrobe favourites available for rental. You will find these pieces in Swedish stores offering leasing and they will be available for 20% of retail price for 4 days lease. This is an alternative way of looking great while creating a minimal footprint. This will come to the Netherlands hopefully this year as well. So smart!

You think that’s it? NO WAY! Filippa K will start “collect’. That means you’ll be able to bring your old Filippa K garment you want to say goodbye to, back to the store and will receive a 15% discount voucher for your next purchase! The collected garments will the either be sold in our own second hand stores or be given to a selected collaborating charity organisation.

So once again, I’m so proud and let’s try to focus more on this all around the world. Of course, I am not going to lie to you, I love to consume as well, and I love all the top brands, but I try to make more sustainable decisions. I buy a lot of second hand/vintage and go for long lasting design, even if that is a blue velvet Prada coat (I wish!) Haha! And I always try to sell my old garments second hand or give them to charity. And that’s not a big effort.

If you want to read more about this and Filippa K, and of course to see the collection, click here.

Li Edelkoort • It’s the end of fashion as we know it

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Li-Edelkoort-Rui_dezeen_sq photo • trendtablet

Everyone in fashion might have read this article. It’s a trending article at the moment and for a reason. Lidewij Edelkoort (my big idol in trend-forecasting) is a Dutch trend-forecaster living in Paris, France. She was named as one of the 25 most influential people in fashion by Time magazine. With this speech and this interview she describes so well what we’ve all been seeing and unconsciously moving towards. And it’s an interesting theory to work from.

Edelkoort used her annual presentation at Design Indaba in Cape Town to fire a broadside at the industry. “This is the end of fashion as we know it.” She her interest in fashion had now been replaced by an interest in clothes, since fashion has lost touch with what is going on in the world and what people want.

“Fashion is insular and is placing itself outside society, which is a very dangerous step,” she said in an interview with Dezeen after her presentation. Edelkoort listed a number of reasons for the crisis in fashion, starting with education, where young designers are taught to emulate the famous names. “We still educate our young people to become catwalk designers; unique individuals,” she said, “whereas this society is now about exchange and the new economy and working together in teams and groups.”

Other issues affecting the industry include a loss of competence in textile design, the failure to address sweatshop conditions at clothing factories; and the cosy relationships between fashion houses and magazines and bloggers, which ties editorial coverage to advertising budgets. A new army of fashion bloggers who are dependent on inducements from the industry means that intelligent critique has been replaced by shallow coverage by what Edelkoort called “the ‘like’ generation”. ”The new brands will never get editorial in the magazines because they don’t buy advertising,” she said. ”And then marketing of course killed the whole thing,” she added. “It’s governed by greed and not by vision. There’s no innovation any more because of that.”

In Cape Town, Edelkoort replaced the second half of her usual two-part visual presentation with a reading of a lengthy essay entitled Anti_Fashion, listing and expanding on the reasons for fashion’s demise. She began by saying: “For me this is not easy because I love fashion. The loss of fashion is painful and I am a bit nostalgic.”

Reed the rest of the full interview by Dezeen here: “It’s the end of fashion as we know it”


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MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K MeriamRouabah© Vogue fashion night out amsterdam Filippa K photos • Meriam Rouabah

As some of you might know, I currently work for Filippa K netherlands. I had the honor of organizing Vogue Fashion night out for Filippa K. And it was so nice. At Filippa K we had an amazing window illustration of the Fall 14 collection made by my friend Julian Stips. Also Jetteke van Lexmond, well-known dutch stylist for high end magazines such as Vogue, chose her favorite picks of Filippa K’s Fall 14 collection. There was great music, booze and a lot of fashion people. Also a lot of awkward people :) Fun to watch tough.

Trademark • Spring 15

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Trademark_003_1366 Trademark_009_1366 Trademark_012_1366 Trademark_014_1366 Trademark_022_1366 Trademark_023_1366 Trademark_020_1366Images • trade-mark.com


My first start-to-finish season with Trademark, so proud! If by any change you find yourself in New York City: be sure to visit the brand new Trademark store at 95 Grand Street in Soho. It is definitely an experience and worth the visit.


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Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design Edith van Kan jewelry Amsterdam design photos • ICONICO

Iconico visited our friend Edith van Kan in her studio. She is a dutch jewelry designer/artist based in Amsterdam. Currently she’s been working on an exciting project she calls “Flashback”. She handmade 8 necklaces which are based on the 3 geometric shapes. A circle, square and a triangle. Referring to Bauhaus she started experimenting with different materials like epoxy, wool and wood. And she made every shape herself. She also used the three primary colors, so it’s one full circle. Back to basics in it’s purest form. I love these necklaces and the studio as well! She shares it with her brother and sister in law. Designing runs in the family! Thank you Edith, for showing us your inspiring work and workspace.

Filippa K • FW14 Campaign

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Filippa K Campaign Winter 2014 Fashion Filippa K Campaign Winter 2014 Fashion Filippa K Campaign Winter 2014 FashionFilippa K

Fall 2014 campaign shot by Ward Ivan Rafik and styled by Marcus Söder.

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