Monsieur Bleu • Palaid de Tokyo Paris

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MonsieurBleu10 MonsieurBleu9

009MonsieurBleu8 MonsieurBleu1

Restaurant Monsieur Bleu • Architecture & Interior by Joseph Dirand

Mesmerized by the green velvet tones in combination with the marble. What a beautiful space.


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I simply adore him.

ONE SIX ONE • Observatorio

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Gaia Large Observatorio • OneSixOne 

Browsing on Pinterest I found this uniquely printed bag, and little did I know the ‘Observatorio’ is an instant celebrity by ways of a New York Times article. The ONESIXONE brand is inspired by math, particularly the Fibonacciʼs series of numbers widely known as the golden ratio. The Creative Director; Adrian Salvador Candela, (former designer at J. Mendel, Peter Pilotto and Adolfo Dominguez) collaborated with jeweler Helena Rohner and painter Vicky Uslé.

The ‘Observatorio’ is hand crafted by leather artisans in Ubrique, Spain. A limited Edition of 161 units, numbered and signed by painter Vicky Uslé is available here.


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rope bags acne 2015 fashion rope bags acne 2015 fashion rope bags acne 2015 fashion rope bags acne 2015 fashion rope bags acne 2015 fashion rope bags acne 2015 fashion

Acne launched a new series of beautiful leather bags this week. With designs inspired by rope features and classic jeans stitching, crafted in Italian leather. Personally i love the shopper called the hero jeans and the buckle jeans a lot. And they all come in many colors. Great christmas gift don’t you think? Only available on acnestudios.com and in selected Acne Studios stores.

Vogue Voices • Alber Elbaz

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Two days ago the sad news came that Alber Elbaz is leaving Lanvin, where he was the design director for the past 14 years:

“At this time of my departure from Lanvin on the decision of the company’s majority shareholder,” he writes, “I wish to express my gratitude and warm thoughts to all those who have worked with me passionately on the revival of Lanvin over the last 14 years . . . together, we have met the creative challenge presented by Lanvin and have restored its radiance and have returned it to its rightful position among France’s absolute luxury houses.”

It’s been rumoured he might follow Raf Simons at Dior .. but reading Suzy Menkes piece “Why Fashion is Crashing” about Raf Simons departure and the fast pace of the industry nowadays .. I’m not too sure.

Sally Singer from Vogue talks to Alber Elbaz about the his way of working and the future of the fashion industry.
What a wonderful man with a wonderful train of thoughts.

1205 • Spring 2016

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1205 • Vogue.com

Being a big fan of the monochromatic look and sneakers; the 1205 Spring 2016 collection was right up my alley…
Not the most daring and innovative colors or silhouettes, but the drape, fit and plisse pleats are just perfect.
1205′s Paula Gerbase previously was the head designer at Kilgour, the Savile Row tailoring house.
So to truly understand her women’s clothes you need to briefly to think about menswear.
I’ll take it all!

Marni • Spring 2016

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Look at the full collection • Vogue.com

TEYM • The perfect parka

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TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka

Campaign shot by Olya Oleinic

My dear friend Maxime Cartens took the jump. Last year she decided to start her own label, TEYM. She started of with the hardest thing there is: Creating the perfect parka. We live in Amsterdam, the city of bikes and lots of rainy days. Every winter Maxime searched for a perfect parka to protect her from rain, snow, cold and that you can wear easily on your bike, and that made you look fashionable and hot! Not an easy quest, she discovered. So she decided to invent one herself. It had to be timeless, for everyone, fashionable and functional. She often tested her samples by biking to my house through every possible weather and we would adjust the pattern every time she came along. She found an amazing satin fabric from Italy that makes the parka look very chic and luxurious. The fabric is water-repellant and the coat is ultra lightweight. Boy oh boy, the result is amazing! She designed one for men and one for women. The TEYM mens parka is executed in 3 colors. Dark green, dark navy and camel (GOLD!!!). The women’s in the same colors plus a candy pink color! You gotta love it! I immediately bought the green one, can’t wait for the temperature to drop, and that’s a first!

Last weekend she opened her showroom in the city centre of Amsterdam. A beautiful space and her studio/office is in the back, so she’s always there herself as well which I think is so good and personal. The webshop is online since the first of September and it looks beautiful! I’d say, have a look, and don’t hesitate anymore. This is your perfect winter coat that you will enjoy for years to come.

What’s the next step I asked her: “Well, first I hope I can sell all of these beautiful parka’s! But there are some idea’s for the next perfect items. A summer version, a denim suit… who knows. But more TEYM is to come!”  One thing’s for sure; WE CAN’T WAIT!

TEYM studio & showroom

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 256-1
1012 RS, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Thursday 11:00 – 21:00
Friday / Saturday 11:00 – 17:00


TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka TEYM amsterdam Maxime Cartens perfect parka

Tuesday Vibe

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Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 08.31.03Robert Motherwell, Music over Music, 1981

Dior • Fall 2014
Robert Motherwell: Music Over Music • 1981

I encountered the Dior Fusion Sneakers at Bergdorf Goodman last Sunday and I cannot seem to get them out of my mind.  I though I would go back to the start of this outer worldly Dior sneaker sole; wonderful piece of sculpture it is.

CristaSeya • Yes Please

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Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.48.25 AM259 260


There is very little to be found about this brand on the web, and no “about” section on their website..
But what I did find was that CristaSeya is a Paris-based lifestyle project by two fashion editors—one Italian and the other Japanese—who are both mysteriously hidden behind the scenes.

CristaSeya specializes in timeless clothes and objects that are relaxed, natural, and simple to use.
The thing I love about this brand is it creates editions rather than seasonal collections, and each design is available at any given time.
Their quality is outstanding and the fabrics are to die-for.

The super-high-end production is carried in France for textiles, Italy for knitwear, and Japan for objects; it’s the best of the best.