Li Edelkoort • It’s the end of fashion as we know it

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Li-Edelkoort-Rui_dezeen_sq photo • trendtablet

Everyone in fashion might have read this article. It’s a trending article at the moment and for a reason. Lidewij Edelkoort (my big idol in trend-forecasting) is a Dutch trend-forecaster living in Paris, France. She was named as one of the 25 most influential people in fashion by Time magazine. With this speech and this interview she describes so well what we’ve all been seeing and unconsciously moving towards. And it’s an interesting theory to work from.

Edelkoort used her annual presentation at Design Indaba in Cape Town to fire a broadside at the industry. “This is the end of fashion as we know it.” She her interest in fashion had now been replaced by an interest in clothes, since fashion has lost touch with what is going on in the world and what people want.

“Fashion is insular and is placing itself outside society, which is a very dangerous step,” she said in an interview with Dezeen after her presentation. Edelkoort listed a number of reasons for the crisis in fashion, starting with education, where young designers are taught to emulate the famous names. “We still educate our young people to become catwalk designers; unique individuals,” she said, “whereas this society is now about exchange and the new economy and working together in teams and groups.”

Other issues affecting the industry include a loss of competence in textile design, the failure to address sweatshop conditions at clothing factories; and the cosy relationships between fashion houses and magazines and bloggers, which ties editorial coverage to advertising budgets. A new army of fashion bloggers who are dependent on inducements from the industry means that intelligent critique has been replaced by shallow coverage by what Edelkoort called “the ‘like’ generation”. ”The new brands will never get editorial in the magazines because they don’t buy advertising,” she said. ”And then marketing of course killed the whole thing,” she added. “It’s governed by greed and not by vision. There’s no innovation any more because of that.”

In Cape Town, Edelkoort replaced the second half of her usual two-part visual presentation with a reading of a lengthy essay entitled Anti_Fashion, listing and expanding on the reasons for fashion’s demise. She began by saying: “For me this is not easy because I love fashion. The loss of fashion is painful and I am a bit nostalgic.”

Reed the rest of the full interview by Dezeen here: “It’s the end of fashion as we know it”

Hermès • High Hopes

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fc0a0ae726f9b5eb585a51b824cdca31Mariacarla Boscono by Zoe Ghertner for the Hermès Fall/Winter 2013 catalog.

One of the shows for upcoming Paris Fashion Week I am most looking forward to will be Hermès Fall 2015. This will be the first show for Nadege Vanhee (who was previously at The Row) as the new artistic director.
Meanwhile I’ll be dreaming of this look *praise hands emoji*.

Dior Couture • Spring 2015

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Refinery29 + Visionaire

Refinery29 partnered up with fashion publisher Visionaire to create this video, which tells the story of one dress from birth to runway. A mere 200 hours put into one single dress. It’s a unique look inside the Dior atelier, where the team has been hard at work bringing creative director Raf Simons’ ideas to life. My heart starts beating faster when I see this video, especially the plisseur scene. An Incredible video and insight in couture craftsmanship.

Jewelry By Architects

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c6d85521c9d14ee59e5cd3212cb1c6fecccdeac3a70aad4a7beca847b96cfb9fJBA_DeLucchi21-530x648JBA_Shire2-530x631 (1)545d3befe58ece1e470000b1_have-you-seen-this-forgotten-pomo-jewelry-by-1980s-architects-_jba_hollein4-530x607
Jewelry By Architects • From the Collection of Cleto Munari
by Barbara Radice (1988)

Pre-Fall 15 • JW Anderson

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JW Anderson PreFall 2016 Fashion iconicoJW Anderson PreFall 2016 Fashion iconico JW Anderson PreFall 2016 Fashion iconicoJW Anderson PreFall 2016 Fashion iconico

photos • Style.com

I don’t know what else to say than WOW. JW Anderson went for a more wearable and really chic look. This collection has many 60′s and 70′s references which are quite trending right now. I always like how Anderson goes for a specific “look” in his collections. Not just a great designer, but also a fine stylist. And this look is my favorite so far!

Trend • Milano denim men

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milan fashion week men denim milan fashion week men denim milan fashion week men denim  photos • Le 21ème aka Adam Katz

Spotted, a trend by Milan fashion men. Denim jackets! Preferably styled with fancy tailored suits or coats and slacks. Love this look.


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the row crocodile bag must-have item pre fall 2015 iconico fashion Oke, this is my DREAM bag! It’s perfect in every way. Only the price is not perfect for me :) Let’s not discuss that. This crocodile leather bag by The Row is a bag for a lifetime!

Campaign • Celine

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celine spring 2015 campaign fashion lookbook iconico celine spring 2015 campaign fashion lookbook iconico celine spring 2015 campaign fashion lookbook iconico photos • Celine

Celine campaign Spring 2015

Harper’s Bazaar China • July 2014

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Vogue China

Photography • Jonas Bresnan 
Model • Mila Krasnoiarova
Styling • Katie Burnett
Hair • Shin Arima
Makeup • Georgi Sandev

Must-Have Item • ACNE knit dress

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ACNE knit dresses winter 2014 fashion must-have item photos • ACNE studios

My favorite must-have items for this winter. A knit dress by ACNE studios, I love them!!! Can’t decide which one I like better, they’re both so perfect. They look so cozy and cool. Both made of 100% wool.