Must-Have Look • Denim on Denim

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ACNE STUDIOS • Hilma af Klint

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ACNE Studios Hilma af Klint Fashion ACNE Studios Hilma af Klint Fashion photos • Acne Studios

WANT!!! This is a magnificent collaboration between Acne Studios and the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. One of the pioneers of Swedish abstract art. I love how they translated her artworks into these oversized sweatshirts. Check out the rest of the collection here.

First Kiss

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Ten pairs of complete strangers kiss for the first time in this short film by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva. Totally over shared already but totally worth to watch! :)

Fendi • Fall 14

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Marni • Fall 14

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Céline • Fall 14

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Stella McCartney • Fall 14

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The Row • Fall 14

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photos by Arno Frugier • Style.com

I’m so proud to have been part of the design team this season and to have experienced the process up-close and see how everything comes together in end. What a show, I’m still smiling two days after.

Nike • Roshe Run White Python

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CAANTH  • $1,150.00

I’m looking for a new pair of sneakers and of course I fall for the most outrageously expensive sneakers. Aren’t they a beauty? Each pair begins as a regular pair of Nike Roshe Runs, and is disassembled and resown. They are reconstructed using genuine white python and Italian lambskin as liners and details.  Each shoe is made to order and has approximate a 3 month production period.

Coney Island • NY

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My good friend Romy is in town for the weekend and we had one of those magical weekend days in New York. We strolled along the beach towards a deserted Coney Island. We hopped into the New York Aquarium, to do some print design research. And while we were waiting for a cab, to take us to Williamsburg, we got treated to an incredible sunset.

In Williamsburg we ate some Pork&Chives Dumpling at Vanessa’s and after a walk and some window-shopping we had -the highly recommended- Hot Buttered Rum cocktail at Maison Premier to warm ourselves up. What a lovely day.